Attorney at Law

Jay W. Neff


My "ex" was trying to jerk me around by filing new cases in a county across the state from me. I hired Mr. Neff to deal with this for me. He was able to get the case moved to the county where I live, and got an order for attorney fees as well!

When I came to Mr. Neff, I had significant anger issues. Mr. Neff insisted that I get into counseling for those issues, even though I did not want to go. It was good that he did. By taking care of these issues, I was able to keep my kids.

I was trying to settle my case, but my spouse refused to settle for what I wanted. Mr. Neff took my case to trial and got me twice what I wanted to settle the case.


I am a Seattle divorce attorney with almost 30 years of experience. I was born and raised in Everett, Washington. After getting an undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Washington, I went on to attend the University of Washington School of Law. After I graduated, I was admitted to practice in June of 1984. I now live and practice law in Seattle. So, if you need a Seattle divorce attorny, give me a call or email me.


Every divorce case is different. Each case has its own set of facts and circumstances. Our philosophy is to get each client the best outcome that we can for his or her set of facts and circumstances.

Your concerns and expectations are also important to us. Some of them a divorce lawyer can help you with. Some of them he or she cannot. Regardless, it is important that we know about them to help us layout a plan for your case.


Since I was admitted to practice, I have focused primarily on divorce law and misdemeanor criminal law. In addition, I have served as the prosecutor for the City of Arlington. I have also acted as judge pro tem in the Everett Municipal Court, and as commissioner pro tem in the Snohomish County Superior Court.

***Family Law ***Misdemeanor Criminal Law
Family law includes: Misdemeanor criminal law includes:
Divorce Driving while license suspended
Child Support Assault
Parenting Plans/Child Custody Domestic Violence