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Jay W. Neff, Attorney at Law focuses his practice on family law, handling legal matters surrounding family-related issues, such as divorce, child support, parenting plans and paternity. He’s been helping people since 1984 and is committed to acting in the best interests of his clients and their families. Family-related matters are often emotionally charged; that’s the nature of close relationships. Attorney Jay Neff takes the time to listen to his clients’ individual circumstances, offering practical legal solutions and making his clients aware of each of their legal options.

Legal Solutions for Divorce

Today, there are different strategies for divorce other than battling it out in family court. Alternative resolution methods include mediation and collaborative divorce. These alternatives are often less costly, time consuming and adversarial than heading to court. If an alternative resolution method is the best option for your unique circumstance, attorney Jay Neff will let you know.

The mediation process entails a series of meetings led by a neutral third party. This third party can help couples identify and resolve their issues. Throughout this process, attorney Jay Neff acts as a legal coach, assisting clients in preparing for their mediation meetings.

In a collaborative divorce, Attorney Jay Neff works closely with the other partner’s attorney for resolution. And if heading to court is the only reasonable option, he effectively advocates for his clients before the judge.

Parenting Plans, Paternity and Child Support

Often, the court will require a parenting plan when children are involved in a divorce. Attorney Jay Neff helps clients develop a fair parenting plan to be approved by the court. This can involve outlining joint custody, holiday visitation schedules and summer vacations. In the case of paternity, he helps clients file a paternity petition, counseling clients through the process, which may include the taking of a DNA test. The state has guidelines for child support based on each spouse’s level of income and educational level. Attorney Jay Neff can let you know what to expect. He can also assist with child support modification in the event one partner loses a job or becomes disabled.

When it comes to family-related issues, attorney Jay Neff provides personalized attention to each case and legal solutions that work. Let his experience work for you.

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